Specialized in SEO and PPC report, our specialists can do wonders even for a new site.

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With several years of activity in this domain, DBQwik Report can help everyone who needs to have their website improved and promoted. Specialized in SEO and PPC report, our specialists can do wonders even for a new site. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never learned about what we do because that’s why we’re here for.

The internet is a place that offers plenty of opportunities to everyone, with the intention that you need to take advantage of them. We’re here to help you benefit from everything that the internet has to offer for your website – increase its visibility, bring in more customers or more visitors, or simply make the brand known to everyone.

Visit us at DBQwik Report and we’ll help you achieve everything you want!

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Easy SEO Tips for Everyone

How many times have you wondered about what you can do to improve your website? Well, you can use an SEO company to improve your website, or you can continue reading and learn about what it all means and what you can do about it.

It’s Very Simple
SEO comes from “search engine optimization” and it represents that bunch of activities that can increase the rank of your website in search engine results. The search engines will give back only those results that they consider authoritative and relevant, so you’ll need to have such a website. Authority is measured by running a simple analysis of the search engine to determine the quality and the number of links from other web pages. Simpler said – your website has the potential to rank higher in a search engine result as long as other websites will link to yours. For example, at http://rankglider.com you will find different tips about what SEO can do for you and what a great company can help you with.

How to Make It Appear There
How much time do you spend on a site with boring content? The general rule is that one can decide in less than 15 seconds if the content is worth reading or not. This being said, your site will have to have relevant content to determine people to link to your pages. The higher number of links you have, the better your website will be seen by the search engine. This is called authority and the search engine will show only interesting and authoritative website in the search results.

Higher Ranking
Many people use Google as their main search engine, so the results that they get there are based on the search engine’s ranking. If you want your website to be in the first search results, you’ll have an interesting and demanding task – to make sure you create interesting pages that will certainly become authority pages. This is all about writing interesting and unique content that people will find extremely useful. A useful and interesting content will be shared in blogs and on social networks, Twitter feeds and others, and as time goes by, the search engine will pay attention to these authority signals. It’s quite a circle, but it’s a great way to create sustainable rankings. You’ll see them in the SEO Mauritius reports, as a good company will be able to give them to you.

The Content
One of the great things that you can do to improve the visibility of your website is to create great content. The SEO will assure your website will be easily found in the search results if you have fantastic and useful content that contains phrases and words used by people who search for your services and products. Make it easier for your visitors to share your content – write articles about your products, describe them and their benefits, make presentations or live videos and use your own social media profile. Linking those articles and that content to the social media will make them available to more people and the links will be easier to access, and of course, to be shared.

Don’t think it’s a black art – anyone can write interesting content as long as they write about their own products and services, and they’re directly interested in making them available to everyone else.

Insights About Great PPC Reports

When a site owner wants to have the website improved, he might use a web design agency, or a freelancer to make the adequate changes and to implement the desired campaigns. However, no matter who you use, as a site owner, you’ll still need to see not just the results but also the reports about the campaigns used and their performances.

What is PPC?
Even if you’ve heard about it, let’s see what it means. PPC comes from pay-per-click and it’s a part of internet marketing techniques. It’s about paying a fee for each time one of your ads (meaning from your website) is clicked. This is actually a simple way of buying and insuring visits to your website, without earning them organically through SEO or other types of marketing.

Generally used with search engines, you will have to pay a fee every time the ad is clicked and a visitor is sent to your website. The search engine will actually receive the fee for showing your ad, and it’s actually worth it because the price is definitely lower than what it actually means.

The Reports
Now, after the campaigns are set, a report is needed. The owner of the website will see the results, of course, but he or she will also need to see a written report about what was done. The performance of the campaign is generally given in terms of numbers, but not all the time these numbers are easy to interpret.

For example, for each week, you’ll see a spreadsheet containing only numbers – clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC, costs, average position, conversions, conversion rate and others, and it might be quite hard to understand what it all means.

The Goals
Before launching a PPC campaign, you’ll need to set the goals. If the owner of the site is not sure about these, the specialist can help him clear it out. Many campaigns are launched without having a goal, and at the end of the campaign, the report will have no meaning, not just for you, as a specialist, but also for the owner of the website who won’t understand a thing from that report.

If the goals are set, you can draw the report for each week and still answer the most important questions. You’ll be able to insert charts and graphs along with narrative text to show if the goals have a chance to be achieved. With the right SEO company – Cape Town reports will show exactly what was done and what still needs to be improved.


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